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Alison Alexander
Alison Alexander
My partner and I stored our motorcycles over the winter and Kave storage was so easy to work with; Dan even lent us a ramp to help get our bikes into the unit. There was plenty of space in the unit for our two bikes, and they stayed safe and dry all season. Will definitely use Kave again
David Baslee
David Baslee
Excellent service! Have had the unit for a while blending into our landscape and driveway. Handy to have all our stuff right at our fingertips instead of driving to a storage unit half an hour away and only between certain times. Prices are great for what you get.
Mr. Furley
Mr. Furley
I can’t believe EVERYONE hasn’t used or bought one these units……..YET!!! I live in Sooke, BC (right in town) and have to follow town bylaws pertaining to storage sheds (sizes, looks etc). The KAVE Storage solution met these requirements head-on with an incredible 8 x 12 x 9 unit. The finished exterior blended right into our sub-division bylaws and was super easy to have delivered right into our yard! The unit comes fully assembled and is delivered on a flat deck crane truck that lifts it right into place . The entire delivery process was less than 45 minutes. It took even LESS time for the neighbours to come around asking where we got ours from…….lol. I can foresee more units popping up in our neighbourhood on relatively short order!! Let me tell WHY this unit met our needs: 1) Although talented in many ways carpentry is not my forte so building a unit was out of the question. 2) The security aspect both from the crooks and the elements is incredible. 3) The construction will not rot, mold/mildew or require much maintenance (if any). * this is great cuz I am typically very busy and don’t have a lot of spare time. 4) The simplicity of the process from ordering to delivery was seem-less! 5) The design, drainage, and pre-manufactured entry allows me to run electrical directly to it if I so choose (I can do electrical work… lol). 5) If I ever sell my house I can have it moved to my new location at very minimal effort or expense. Whether you rent or purchase these units you WILL NOT REGRET IT. I don’t! Good to see a local business come up with such a great concept!
Ryan Chico
Ryan Chico
The people at Kave storage were really friendly and helpful. They help me get a storage unit that was perfect for my stuff
Tom Harding
Tom Harding
These guys are great to deal with and what a great solution for urban storage

Why store in a Kave?

Not your average storage unit

NOT a Shipping Container
Modern and Efficient
Weather Proof Storage
  • Our self-storage units are proper storage units.
  • No container sweat.
  • The modern design of our units compliments their surroundings.
  • At 8 by 12 feet they efficiently store the contents of 3 rooms.
  • Our insulated units prevent condensation issues found in metal containers.
  • Our gutter system carries water to the ground at each corner, keeping it away from the sides and doorway.

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Frequently asked questions

Kave Storage has taken a unique approach to conventional self-storage facilities. We place our insulated self storage units with hosts all across the south island. This allows us to provide storage that is closer to where you need it. Click for more details.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best value for their storage needs. To ensure this, we offer a Lowest Price Guarantee. Click for more details.

We are a decentralized self-storage facility. If you have half a parking spot you could host one of our self storage units. It works similar to Airbnb except we provide the building. Click for more details.

We have self storage units all over the south island that you can subscribe to. Our office is based in Langford, BC. Click here to contact us.

Once you’ve subscribed to a unit, access instructions will be made available to you in your accounts page under “Units Access Instructions“. The pdf will contain detailed directions to the unit as well as instructions on how to unlock it.

No. They are purpose built self storage units that are insulated. This insulation protects your items from “container rain” which is common in shipping containers. The units also have heavy duty roll up doors with double locks. 

Still have questions?

A New Take on Self-Storage.

Our team handles everything directly providing consistent and fast access to storage.

  • We start with high quality, purpose built, storage sheds. Our units are insulated, designed for our rainy climate and have double locks on an extra thick door for added security.
  • We then distribute these units to the hand picked locations where they are hosted.
  • The last step is to offer that instant storage to you through a simple and secure online experience.
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