Provide Space. Done.

What You Provide

✔ Half a parking spot of space per unit

What We Provide

✔ 8’x12’ insulated self-storage unit(s)

✔ Listing on a modern Airbnb style website

✔ Physical and online advertisements

✔ Online payment portal

✔ Monthly subscription payment collection

✔ Regular host payments for subscribed units

✔ Exact unit location only provided after subscription

✔ Provide self-storage contracts

✔ Unit maintenance

Host a Unit

Turn wasted space into passive income.

Extracting value from your excess space is difficult and time consuming. Kave Storage’s modern approach creates a consistent customer experience while providing passive income to the host.

Kave Storage works in concert with local businesses instead of competing for the land in your community. Kave Storage works with your highest and best land use for your community, while maximizing your benefit.

You provide the space, let Kave Storage provide the rest

As the sole customer point of contact, Kave Storage manages everything for you.

  • We supply high quality, purpose built, insulated storage sheds and deliver these units to your hosting location.
  • We make it easy for members of your community to locate* your hosted storage near them via our online map search.
  • We provide your guests with a full e-commerce subscription experience to pay and subscribe to your hosted units.

*Your exact location will only be revealed to subscribing guests

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