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Self-Storage: Made Better

It should be easy to find storage in your community. We are local entrepreneurs who understand that traditional self-storage can be inconvenient. Access can be a problem, especially if storage is located far from where you live or work. This is why we’ve developed a new approach to storage by distributing it to your neighbours. Our online platform makes it easy for you to browse available units and subscribe to the spaces that best suit your needs.

We support our local community by keeping money within the community, and reducing the need for new storage facilities. Our unique model allows property owners to rent out our storage units on their unused space to individuals and businesses in need of storage.

Self-storage should be aesthetically pleasing and compliment its surroundings. We distribute small, clean storage throughout the community with a modern design. We remove the need for large and inefficient storage facilities, leaving more land for desirable spaces like parks and businesses.

Your belongings are more than just stuff. They represent your personal hobbies or business resources. Storage should be personal too, and should be an extension of your home or business. By putting the storage nearby, we keep your belongings a part of your everyday life. 

Your valuables deserve to be protected. Our storage units are insulated and designed for our rainy climate. This helps keep the extremes of temperatures and humidity away from your stored items. Our units are secure and you can feel safe knowing that your belongings are nearby under the watchful eye of your local community. Our space providers are vetted and their spaces are inspected to ensure they meet our safety and security standards.   

Thank you for considering Kave Storage. We look forward to helping you find the storage space you need.

Turn Wasted Space into Passive Income.

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